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Eu estarei ausente nos próximos dias, pois estou trabalhando na deviation "A Quermesse". Voltarei assim que a tiver finalizado.

I'll be absent in the next days, 'cause I'm working in the deviation "A Quermesse". I'll be back once it will be finished.
Oh, shit!
I don't know if it happened to you either; is quite likely but I had 20 notifications to read and all of a sudden this shit appeared on the screen of my smartphone, I don't know if it was maintenance or even bug. I'm having to come back again, with a thousand things to do, and this happens. When it is time for maintenance on the site, that of the next times all are warned. I thought it was a fucking asshole what dA did. :pissedoff:
Ask Yuri closed
I want to thank all those who have sent their questions to Yuri (and me, too, occasionally) in this 1 month of Ask Yuri!. I close the question and answer session with Yuri Wayne from now on. Comments for this deviation are disabled. To comment anything or just want to chat with me, click here.

Now, free of the 8 lasers that held their little hands, Yuri can play again...

Thanks to DW13-COMICS, seek-and-hide, Fistron, MatthewJabezNazarioA and all others! :aww:

Just like me, they long to be, close to you...

It's a beautiful moonlight night. The scenery shown here doesn't necessarily have to be the village courtyard. Godinez, 8, meets the beautiful Paty and take her to dance. The two are very happy and in perfect harmony. Everything indicates a possible future love affair. They love each other and were made for each other, with absolute certainty! :heart:
O verbo saiu com os amigos
Pra bater um papo na esquina
A verba pagava as despesas
Pois ela pra ele era o que ele tinha
O verbo não soube explicar
Por que foi que a verba sumiu
Nos braços de outras palavras
O verbo afogou sua mágoa e dormiu


O verbo gastou saliva
De tanto falar para o nada
A verba era fria e calada
Mas ele sabia e lhe dava valor
O verbo tentou se matar em silêncio
E depois quando a verba chegou...
Era tarde demais! O cadáver jazia...
A verba caiu aos seus pés a chorar...

...lágrimas de hipocrisia...
Rosebud (O Verbo e a Verba)
Dedicated to Creaciones-Jean, seek-and-hide, Fistron, GLO-HE and all the others!

Hope y'all like it. :D
An old character that was part of a late comic series, "The Comic". An 8 year old boy named Cicero. Since returning to DeviantArt on August 9, 2016, I have made and posted several deviations. At the moment, I'm doing more and have others on the project as well. I want to show all my best here with small comments on every deviation; but not without, of course, thanking my dear friends...

...and to all the others too, in a general way.

 Are beautiful works of art, which filled me with pride in doing and submiting to DeviantArt, which I want to show in full size, not thumbs, as it is suggested, "to save space." With you, all my best in seven months!
Tonico by Techno99-David
If you've ever been a boy and helped wash your dad's car, this one's for you.
Godinez by Techno99-David
Right from El Chavo del Ocho in its animated version!
My collection of Dinkies by Techno99-David
A white Dinkie Dino, a yellow Smarty Time and two RakuRaku DinoKuns: a yellow and a teal. And a soundtrack in back.
Traffic Jam Never Stops by Techno99-David
Long live to São Paulo!!! :bulletblack::bulletred::bulletwhite:
Just another view by Techno99-David
With great emphasis on the view from afar, at the top of the picture.
Reading is Cool by Techno99-David
Reading is really cool... and David loves it!
David Buccaneer (updated) by Techno99-David
See David again; lke a buccaneer. Cute and adorable, is not it? :love:
Yuri and Dennis BUCCANEERS by Techno99-David
Now it's the Yuri and Dennis' turn! Sailing the seven seas
Andrew (The Little Scientist) by Techno99-David
Andrew's seal of approval! :iconthumbsupplz:
One day it'll be David's turn to try his Caring Machine.
Human PaRappa by Techno99-David
Well, PaRappa is a puppy, but let's agree he were cute as a little boy?
Karate David by Techno99-David
David, 8 (almost 9) in karate's kimono and with the 4th kyu.
Japanese Garden 1 by Techno99-David
Japanese Garden 2 by Techno99-David
Two deviations show an extremely pleasant place to be and talk.
Paulistinha (A Turma do Paulistinha - 1980) by Techno99-David
The character Paulistinha was created in 1980. But he returned to DeviantArt, 37 years later!
Sampa by Techno99-David
:sing: :music: "Alguma coisa acontece no meu coração..." :music:
Pinocchio 2017 by Techno99-David
Stop it all: I really LOVED to drawing this Pinocchio's reboot! :love:
Ask David! by Techno99-David
When Q&A with David Mendes was open...
Ask Yuri by Techno99-David
...and with Yuri Wayne, with 8 lasers in his hands and stepping a magnetic gravitating floor.
Casa do Mundo da Lua (2017) by Techno99-David
"Alô, alô! Planeta Terra chamando! Planeta Terra chamando; alô..."
Sim, é a mesmíssima casa na qual se passava o Mundo da Lua há 25 anos!
E vemos que aquele pau-brasil ainda resiste de pé!
Icaro by Techno99-David
An innocent little boy in danger, unaware of what was happening to him.
Lil' Buccaneers by Techno99-David
David, TK, Yuri, Aderbal, Dennis and Nico: watch out! Because these buccaneers will plunder... your heart! :heart:
Aderbal by Techno99-David
My first deviation of Aderbal, with great success.
DeviantArt's symbol by Techno99-David
I always wanted this tamagotchi, 17 years after had some of Rikou/Smarty ones. But only in January 3 of this year it was possible. And I have the buy of a RikouRikou Chan in mind too. #rikourikouchan 
The new RakuRaku DinoKun's bed by Techno99-David
A Japanese bucket I bought in the Daiso for accommodate my tamagotchi (I mean Dinkies).
Bounce Tales: Bounce, Bumpy and Wolly by Techno99-David
Bounce Tales is unforgettable, amazing and superb! This is my fanart of Bounce, Bumpy (the one grayed) and Wolly (at the right)
Santa Kid by Techno99-David
Santa Kid, the Santa Claus' grandson. He will back in the Christmas of this year, then pay attention!
Kevin Bolk (handmade) enhanced by Techno99-David
A drawing of one of many talented deviants here: kevinbolk!
Jimmy Wilson is back! by Techno99-David
Creaciones-Jean always loved Jimmy; "mi lindo Jimmy..." in her own words. And mine too as well! :aww:
Rusty by Techno99-David
Rusty... very adorable and C-U-T-E!!!
Marcel 2017 by Techno99-DavidFree Stanley! by Techno99-David
LEFT: Based on an old deviation of my FortyTwo's 2015 times, now back. If he will be used in deviation or not, I don't know right. :shrug:
RIGHT: A drawing of Stanley the Bugman, without that big incisives, for Maklods as a friendly gift.
The smallest railway of the world by Techno99-David
Another amazing deviation, showing THE SMALLEST RAILWAY IN THE WORLD!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
View from the Hill by Techno99-David
No words for describe this wonderful view!!! Awesome, awesome...!
Tere by Techno99-David
Terê was a real fiction character of a novel in Brazil. He was a street boy and the novel was vintage, that's why he's dressed this way.
zetaBoy Suceava by Techno99-David
ZetaBoy Suceava is almost self-explanatory: zetaSuceava when he was 11, basing myself on a photo of him in the school.
Open mall 1 by Techno99-David
Open mall 2 by Techno99-David
A lovely gallery of shops, miles away from my villa. Much acclaimed mainly by my friend Jean Mendoza.
Cicinho - a fancy boy by Techno99-DavidHappy Three Friends by Techno99-David
LEFT: An old character that was part of a late comic series, "O Comicozinho". An 8 year old boy named Cicinho.
RIGHT: An engraving of three children (possibly two boys and a girl, from the left) playing trick on a table in a room and a puppy running through them. I've always liked this drawing, so good!
Boulevard do Centro - panoramic by Techno99-David
For those who like panoramas and ærial views, here is a full plate!
Liberdade by Techno99-David
A neighborhood of strong Japanese influences in my city. I'm just sorry for the shake.
Beyond the strips by Techno99-David
Another beautiful treat for the eyes...
Orlando-2002 and 42 by Techno99-David
Sempre seremos amigos, Orlando-2002!!!
One little step for man... by Techno99-David
My OC David on the Moon, laying the flag on lunar soil. Had Neil Armstrong been alive to see this...
Felipe, 7 (Cantiga do Ajustador - Geir Campos) by Techno99-David
The boy was drawn on a poem allusive, so he is dressed as a joiner.
Digimon: TK by Techno99-DavidBelle Nuit by Techno99-David
LEFT: Only missing was the randoseru (Japanese school backpack), the digivice attached to the right handle and, of course, Patamon. But it was good anyway.
RIGHT: A beautiful night photo with stunning buildings with lights on in the background.
O Menino Mais Gatinho! (The Pretty Boy!) by Techno99-David
I wanted Ziraldo to see this... but I think it's great for my watchers.
Speak to me, speak to me... by Techno99-David
"Creedence Clearwater Revival"... Yuri's; poor fellow, he tried several times, but managed in the end.
Will of hunting by Techno99-David
Don't be afraid of him: he only hunts animals, like deers and bears, for consumption.
Nick (Bermuda Triangle) by Techno99-David
A joke made over the Bermuda Triangle yielded a great deviation!
Nestor e Tadeu by Techno99-David
No shirt, barefoot... and great friends and brothers too!
Naughty naughty naughty... by Techno99-David
He wants to love a girl who doesn't even care about him.
Mimmo by Techno99-David
Mimmo is a very nice boy, as you can see here.
Lil' Chaos by Techno99-David
The idea of designing the avatar of MysticChaosEmeralds proved extremely successful and enjoyable as well.
Freddie by Techno99-David
A little boy who dreams of being very rich just to donate all his fortune to the poors. What did my male watchers think?
Dilema de adolescente by Techno99-David
His desire was to be a child again, so he was trapped in the kitchen's ceiling of his house and stayed there...
David - My Daily Life by Techno99-David
One day in the daily life of my OC, David Mendes; from Brazil from DeviantArtland!
The Newest by Techno99-David
Sophie, a French girl; and Dennis, a Canadian little boy for whom she has great care and affection!
Sing a Song Now Now by Techno99-David
Tokomon singing "Lovin 'You" by Minnie Riperton? Hmm, lousy idea; huh? ;P
These feet are made for... by Techno99-David
David wants TK to join him in trying to put an old and stuck sock on Yuri. Of course, Yuri HATED the "joke", but in the end didn't even get upset, because as the saying goes: "To love is never to have to ask for forgiveness".
Yuri: The Dilemma by Techno99-David
But why did the little Yuri, 6, never put anything on his feet in life? This deviation explains everything, stamped by stains.
Wishingmas by Techno99-David
A dream of an 8 year old boy who was almost destroyed...
La Pasta by Techno99-David
... but not here! Finally David gets the Fella Plush that wanted so much in 2016 in this deviation, debuting a new personage in the gang.
Little Monsters by Techno99-David
Ah, those little dudes... they made little good ones last Halloween...
The lad from Little Monsters by Techno99-David
...and the 19-year-old lad above, besides getting tickled by the children, was handcuffed by them in his own house! Child is fire, isn't it?
The feeling by Techno99-David
TK kills the nostalgia of his "little brother" Matt listening to a song from 1995 titled The Feeling, and played by The Nuwerk City Players.
Trump for President? by Techno99-David
Poor Yuri... he's a Democrat, people.
Cicero by Techno99-David
He's a country boy, always in good with life... and very friendly too.
Girls by Techno99-David
For International Women's Day in 2017.
David Ninja 2 by Techno99-David
David Ninja vs. Karate Yuri (project) by Techno99-David
David Ninja - index by Techno99-DavidKarate Yuri - index by Techno99-David
David Ninja and Karate Yuri: greatest friends now! by Techno99-David
David Ninja and the lesson he learned by Techno99-David
Karate Yuri and the lesson he learned by Techno99-David
The final battle: ENDLESS FRIENDSHIP by Techno99-David
All these 8 deviations have the same thing in common: the design of a comic that was canceled and that showed that David Ninja and Karate Yuri should be great friends.
Catali, Catali... by Techno99-David
Deviation that was inspired in the opening verses of the song Core 'ngrato. Made for Catali2016.
St. Patrick's Day-vid by Techno99-David
St. Patrick's Day, yes; but with David Mendes dressed to character.
Yuri + Dennis = FRIENDSHIP!!! by Techno99-David
Yuri and Dennis: great friends of heart, FOREVER!!!
Paulistinha e David jogando futebol by Techno99-David
The boy Paulistinha and David: who is the best in football?
David and TK (cosplay time) by Techno99-David
David as Stanley the Bugman and TK as his faithful squire Marley. Pests? Call these dedetizers, who are, besides, super cute!
Yuri! by Techno99-David
The Yuri Wayne's card.
Aderbal + David by Techno99-David
Aderbal is the best friend of David in Brazil. Good pair of mates!
Yuri again!!! by Techno99-DavidYuri grews up! by Techno99-David
How Yuri grews up!!! :wow:
David meets 42 by Techno99-David
The meeting of generations: my current OC David finds the old and already retired 42.
Vamboragora e Haluma Kaii!!! by Techno99-David
A deviation I rescued from my previous profile: AskIlha-Ra-Tim-Bum...
What a Wonderful WorldA by Techno99-David
David Mendes: lying on the grass, barefoot, without worrying about anything...
Meditation by Techno99-David
Do you wanna meditate with Takeru? :meditation: revamped
Yuri's Hair by Techno99-David
Yuri's hair, in 2016. But this year, I will present a different style.
Zach's Zanny Talkshow: Yuri Wayne by Techno99-David
Zach's Zanny Talkshow, Everythingfunzach7's talk show host: Yuri Wayne!
The Newest 2 - Sophie and Dennis by Techno99-David
Sophie D'Anjou and her "hubby", Dennis Morgan.
Dennis Morgan (David and Friends) by Techno99-David
Not bad... but I'd rather draw him by hand than the result is better.
Nico by Techno99-David
Nico Giusberti is a supersympathetic and cheerful Italian boy as his people. He just doesn't like eating pasta!
Featuring... Chaos! by Techno99-David
These are the Chaos' informations...
Chaos the Boy by Techno99-David
...but that's the first deviation above.
Resting in the grass by Techno99-David
Aderbal, lying on the grass just like David...
Aderbal by Techno99-David
Aderbal 2 - muito obrigado! by Techno99-David
Aderbal 3 - quero sair daqui! by Techno99-David
Aderbal 4 - Livre!!! by Techno99-David
The four deviations that introduced and consolidated Aderbal definitely in DeviantArt!
Aderbal e/and Q*Bert by Techno99-David
Aderbal's encounter with the Q*Bert video game character. Has anyone else played roleplays of their OCs with Q*Bert?
Outro look de Aderbal Nava by Techno99-David
Without his green bonnet and his yellow regatta here.
Smarty Time makes my '98 by Techno99-David
Oh, Smarty Time... you marked my childhood!
RikouRikou Chan e Fernando Pessoa by Techno99-David
The little boy recites Fernando Pessoa in a formal way. Notice his posture and how he picks up in his primer.
Rikou Chan at the classroom by Techno99-David
The first of the class, always! He LOVES to study!
RikouRikou Chan - one day at the school by Techno99-David
RikouRikou Chan's day to day: 99% of the time studying and 1% doing the homework. He rarely jokes because he is very studious.
Rikou Chan and his P.E. by Techno99-David
Rikou Rikou and P.E. (part 2) by Techno99-David
For Physical Education, Rikou wears this green uniform and a cap.
The little Andy by Techno99-David
This in his hands are sticky jelly. sorry, Trolmaster...
Henry Wiggins' monosketch by Techno99-David
Dennis Morgan's countryman: Henry Wiggins, from Henry's Danger stop-motion drawing. The first one I did what worked out, though this is a kind of draft.
Zach (Barefoot Adept) by Techno99-David
Another gift for Everythingfunzach7 with great reception on DeviantArt and promising final characters.
Basil elementary student by Techno99-David
Here's another student: Basil, this 7-year-old blond little boy, handsome in that uniform!
Estudiante chileno by Techno99-David
And another student: Estudiante Chileño uses a cap typical of the Andean region.
Matias, 8 anos (Rio de Janeiro) by Techno99-David
He is from Rio and will LOVE to play with David and his friends in Brazil!
Guiminha e Juninho (Torre de Babel) by Techno99-David
They are minor characters of a novel of 1998, exhibited in Brazil by TV Globo.
Little Danny, 4 years old by Techno99-David
What would you do if you met this cute thingy in the streets?
Henry being patted by Techno99-David
It's not just children who loves care and caress: Henry is 14 years old and is enjoying the experience.
Zach (Everythingfunzach7) by Techno99-David
I am pleased that Zach, the honoree, has enjoyed it.
Renato (Gabriel Sequeira - Duas Caras) by Techno99-David
Another character inspired by the novels of Brazil. I'm just sorry I did not put a watch on his wrist because it was going to be crooked and misshapen.
Smarty Time evolutions by Techno99-David
RikouRikou/Smarty's climb to success: from early childhood to a life of luxury.
Orlando, 15 anos! by Techno99-David
14o. Aniversario do Orlando (2015) by Techno99-David
The 15 birthdays of José Orlando (and the 14 in the thumb)!!!
Microbe's Pajamas by Techno99-David
Microbe 2017 by Techno99-David
Microbe Hardcore by Techno99-David
The character Microbe is from a Brazilian series of 2002. The first deviation was made in 2016; the others are newer.
O bom de bola by Techno99-David
And isn't he really good at embassies?
Levi Bartlett (enhanced) by Techno99-David
This one's made to :iconcelcolevi01:.
Hug Jimmy by Techno99-David
Would you hug Jimmy Wilson? Jean Mendoza did it.
Two buddies Stephan and Lazlo by Techno99-David
What more charming boys!!!
Playful JonHankercheif by Techno99-DavidAdrien Agreste aka Cat Noir aged 10 by Techno99-David
LEFT: JonHankercheif, drawed as a 9-year-old boy, jokes about balancing himself on cobblestones.
RIGHT: Adrien Agreste, the Cat Noir from Miraculous, also as a boy.
Lincoln Loud (The Loud House) by Techno99-DavidHayai Shori by Techno99-David
LEFT: Lincoln Loud, 11 years. I just think it's a shame he has white hair at his age.
RIGHT: Hayai Shori, 8, belonging to 3dmarioworld. Beware, Hayai: Mister Tickler is watching you!
Tiago (the troublemaker) by Techno99-David
Clark (Chronicles of Smallville) by Techno99-David
LEFT: Tiago is so messy and upset that he got stuck in his room!
RIGHT: Clark Kent, the "steel boy", owned by DW13-COMICS.
Garoto Cosmico (2007)  by Techno99-David
Cósmico, Luna and Maninho are characters from a 2007 film called Garoto Cósmico, by Alê Abreu.
Martin, the Belgian by Techno99-David
My gift for my friend :iconmartin-from-sp: Martin-from-SP.
Mig by Techno99-David
Mig by Techno99-David
Mig was a character created to interact with David and his friends, but didn't avenged. :(
Gatinho Galactico 2017 by Techno99-DavidSanta Kid - TROUBLED! by Techno99-David
LEFT: Ronaldo de Azevedo is a Brazilian youtuber who, here, appears at 8 years of age.
RIGHT: Santa's grandson again... this time he got cold, literally!
Anselmo (10 anos) by Techno99-David
Try to guess why the kid got one kiss on the cheek?
Tickled boys (ticklefeet) by Techno99-David
These boys exist in real life and are in a video on the Chinese website YouKu.
Paulo Guilherme, 12 by Techno99-David
Paulo Guilherme is a young fencer of 13 years of age. He was 12 when this deviation was made.
Cuca (O Menino e o Mundo) by Techno99-DavidCole Sear (The Sixth Sense) by Techno99-David
LEFT: Cuca from The Boy and The World (2013), from Alê Abreu.
RIGHT: Cole Sear, from The Sixth Sense (1999). "I see dead people..."
Colin 2016 by Techno99-David
Lucky Zakhrie (my style) by Techno99-David
LEFT: Colin is another old character from 2015 and...
RIGHT: ...Lucky Zakhrie is a deviant and this was made for him. ( :iconluckyzakhrie: )
Paulistinha (1980) by Techno99-David
Tsunomon (no. 2) by Techno99-David
LEFT: The first deviation of Paulistinha in 16,5 years!!!
RIGHT: Tsunomon, the Gabumon's previous shape.
Eduardo by Techno99-David
Stanley, the Bugman and Tsunomon by Techno99-David
LEFT: An adorable and naive boy.
RIGHT: Again Tsunomon with Stanley the Bugman.
What a boy... ^^ by Techno99-David
:iconsteviewonderplz: :iconsaysplz: Isn't he lovely?
Andrezinho by Techno99-David
A very nice and friendly boy, always aboard in his cloud.
Rian, o Pequeno Motoboy by Techno99-David
Danilo Gentili child by Techno99-David
LEFT: A boy who is a motoboy. But attention: child labor is a crime!
RIGHT: A Brazilian comedian called Danilo Gentili.
Pichador juvenil by Techno99-David
Yarr (Club Penguin) by Techno99-David
LEFT: Oh, please; don't arrest him. He deserves one more chance...
RIGHT: One of those cute creatures from Club Penguin called Yarrs.
Sabino - Um Dia na Vida de um Aluno de Teatro by Techno99-David
Sabino loves theater so much that he only walks barefoot, so that he can feel on stages all the time.
Cody Hida: the torture by Techno99-David
In Digimon Adventure 02, Cody Hida is serious and mature, but has not resisted here tickling their feet!
Marquinho, 7 by Techno99-David
Looks like he's wearing pajamas. But it's his clothes.
Marquinho wanna play by Techno99-David
He again, in a kind of comic.
Angelo Rules by Techno99-David
:fear: Will be Angelo swallowed by the monster?
Timmy Failure (Grandiosity) by Techno99-David
Timmy Failure and his grandiosity...
Fred Savage (1989 - The Wonder Years) by Techno99-David
Fred Savage was so cute 28 years after... :aww:
Sherlockinho (Gustavo) by Techno99-David
A miniature of the very famous detective Sherlock Holmes: Gustavo is 7 and loves to play detective.
Fourth of July 2016 by Techno99-David
Pleasantly hut by Techno99-David
What a cool place... for read, draw, eat, play checkers...
Guigui Zumbi (meus 11 anos) by Techno99-David
A gift for the "11 years" of GuilhermeDesenhista, but actually he reached 12... :facepalm: my fault.
E continua lendo! by Techno99-David
And reading is really cool! Reading
Paulistinha (SP 463) by Techno99-David
Made when my city completed its 463 years.
Reufy and Masane: Best Friends Forever! by Techno99-David
Very acclaimed by BladyDB (Reufy's owner) and Crocosansk (Masane's owner).
Neco by Techno99-David
The such Neco is calm because the alien is friendly.
Guiminha (Torre de Babel) by Techno99-David
My first deviation of Guiminha from Torre de Babel (1998).
Sabino, O Aluno de Teatro (Guia de Teatro) by Techno99-David
As Sabino has his hands clasped, he couldn't bow to the audience, but he was grateful in the same way.
Jonas (Joao Vithor Oliveira - Malhacao ID) by Techno99-David
And what boy wouldn't love to be like that, lying on a bed or couch and suddenly see a beautiful girl on TV and fall in love at first sight?
Razel Boy by Techno99-David
A different kind of superhero...
Thomas (Have a Nice Day) by Techno99-David
This Bon Jovi's album was released in 2005.
Luiz Felipe Mello, 10 anos by Techno99-David
Very cute!
Guilherme aka Limao (Lemon) - Igor Rudolf by Techno99-David
Oh, Lemon; don't be a pessimistic boy...
Joao Montanaro - the story in the story by Techno99-DavidJoaozinho Montanaro by Techno99-David
João Montanaro is a young cartoonist from Brazil.
Daniel Duncan by Techno99-David
Daniel Duncan, as Danilo Gentili, is another Brazilian humorist.
Oh! Seven... by Techno99-David
All my collection of the compilation Techno Pan albums.
Think TWICE before deactivate by Techno99-David
No, I won't. NEVER!
Giovanni Delgado by Techno99-David
Giovanni Delgado, ex-ator do SBT, esteve em Pícara Sonhadora em 2001, quando de fato tinha dez anos. Ele está pensando que está descansando tranquilanmente... mas mal sabe o menino o que há bem perto de seus pés...
Caio Romei by Techno99-David
Outro ator brasileiro. Esteve em um remake de Meu Pé de Laranja Lima (Band, 1998) e Amor e Ódio (SBT, 2003).
A boy named Dylan Blanc by Techno99-David
A request for BladyDB. Thank you, Dylan!!! :D
Humanions by Techno99-David
Stuart, Kevin and Bob... as three boys. Kevin's not grumpy: all's no more than a joke. ;)
Lucas Silva e Silva (Mundo da Lua) by Techno99-David
Única deviation do Lucas Silva e Silva em quase 17 anos de dA. Modéstia à parte, EU FUI O PRIMEIRO!!! :w00t:
Zequinha (Os Ecoturistinhas) by Techno99-David
Um personagem dos desenhos infantis que se meteu em perigo... :|
The Yogi (Ferris) by Techno99-David
Ferris is really an adorable yogi... but this is just his yoga's outfits.
Toby Little (UK writer) by Techno99-David
TOBY: "Dear :earth:, how are you?
WORLD: Very bad... very bad... :(
Human Nanotchi by Techno99-David
Based on the HeroineMarielys' and the POOPYINACTIVEACCOUNT's deviation(s).
Ciro ~ 6 yrs by Techno99-David
"Ciro is cute"... thank you, GLO-HE!!! :D
T.S. Spivet and his reward by Techno99-David
Have you watched this movie some time?
Felipe Calixto by Techno99-David
Oh, boy... don't be ashamed.
Bush by Techno99-David
Bucolic by Techno99-David
Remaining at a 19th Century's scenery.
On the Road Again by Techno99-David
Sorry only for the shaking...
A little piece of Japan by Techno99-David
A little piece of Japan 2 by Techno99-David
Pics of Liberdade's neighborhood, in my city.
Grupo Escoteiro Parecis by Techno99-David
Be prepared! 
Jardim oriental by Techno99-David
Nice for meditate... if it was in Japan. ;)
View from the Past by Techno99-David
This treatment in sepia tones is due to the fact that there was a penitentiary complex in place of this park until 2002.
Vila Helena by Techno99-David
Vila Helena = Lara Helena. Abraços, Lara12anos!
Radio Taisso - Liberdade by Techno99-David
This Radio Taissō really exists? :?
Catwalk by Techno99-David
The catwalk is, of course, the blue element above on image.
In the colours of the dusk by Techno99-David
One of the best twilights I ever saw in all my life!!! 8-) :clap:
The Big Dandelion by Techno99-David
Really big, as you can see.
Por do sol furta-cor by Techno99-David
I took this pic from a window in my house.
The day that I'll never forget by Techno99-David
I was Core from December 25, 2016 until January 25, 2017. Good times...
The Ladder (Antonio Peticov) by Techno99-David
A stunning ladder. Congratulations, Antonio Peticov! :clap:
Ikebana no Shokesu by Techno99-David
A beautiful ikebana's artwork! :clap:
Two Destinies by Techno99-David
Do you make/made the right choices in your life?
Railway by Techno99-David
"To infinite and beyond!"
Medusas by Techno99-David
Don't be afraid: these ones are harmelss and you won't turn into stone! ;)
Angela Vidal in the jail by Techno99-David
Essa novela me deixará saudades... :'(
Two teal RakuRaku DinoKun selling by Techno99-David
Give up: they was already sold.
The Seed 2.017 by Techno99-David
Today, this plant in my kitchen is taller and appearing!
Kado Ikenobo Tatibana by Techno99-David
Another ikebana! Biba Nihon! (ビバ日本!/Long live to Japan!)
Luz by Techno99-David
Estação da Luz, A Gare de São Paulo!!!
Fountain by Techno99-David
D'you wanna swim? Better not: isn't allowed.
Vaca Profana by Techno99-David
"Vacanadense põe teus cornos/pra fora e acima da manada..."
My yellow Smarty Time by Techno99-DavidChan's self portrait by Techno99-David
Rikou Chan's self portrait by Techno99-DavidSmarty Time: let's go to school! by Techno99-David
Analogia digital by Techno99-David
Colombine by Techno99-DavidLiza by Techno99-David
DW-13 Comics' drawing by Techno99-David
To Keith, With Love by Techno99-David
NO SMOKE! by Techno99-DavidSmarty Time waiter by Techno99-DavidDoc Smarty by Techno99-David
Smarty Time in the jail by Techno99-David
DeviantArt's symbol by Techno99-David
Fella by Techno99-David
My Smarty Time... I like you a lot!!! :heart:


Creator and Creature Badass by Crocosansk
Thank you, Crocosansk, for made this to me!!!

Well, I also want to say that, after this grandiose presentation of my gallery, that this is my last journal entry. No more, from the moment this is posted here, I will send texts or write journal entries. What I have to say, I will say in status updates. But the sending of deviations, on my part, will continue normal.
  • Listening to: Paul Masterson presents Sushi - Bumpin' Beats


Techno99-David's Profile Picture
K. Araújo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Deviant since February 21st, 2015. This is my third and definitive account.
1) FortyTwoPower (Feb. 2015 - Feb. 2016)
2) AskIlha-Ra-Tim-Bum (July 2016)
Former username: EDM-Forever
Be welcomed to my page!

Watches, llamas, points, comments and faves very appreciated!

DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther

One day, sooner or later, I'll get one of this:
Alien by Velink

:icontplz::iconiplz::iconmplz::iconeplz: :iconhrtplz:



:pride: I'm BISEXUAL and PROUD and I support all kinds of non-heterosexuals. Then if you're homophobe or simply hates LGBT folks just you're a prejudiced, please you better go away or deactivate your account.
I HATE homophobia and the stupids what defend this heinous garbage.

Who I am

I joined originally to DeviantART on February 21st, 2015 as FortyTwoPower, and here came out in February in this year. I returned on the 18thof June as AskIlha-Ra-Tim-Bum, but it wasn't working very well because of the type of deviations that I has submitted. I closed this account on August 9th 2016, and in the same day, here I am again! Having left the DeviantART at the time was one of the worst mistakes I made, and now yes I can consider dA as a second home. I lost a lot of deviations and friends, but then it has matured me, because as the saying goes: "what doesn't kill you strengthens you."
 I like to draw, either with pencil and paper, either in MS Paint, I love electronic music and other genres too, am a spendthrift person, those who spend money like there is no tomorrow. This new profile is definitive as well. Just my avatar, thing what I want to do only annually. I love people to comment, givin' me llamas, watch and especially points.
 My best friend here is Creaciones-Jean Mendoza, a kind and friendly Venezuelan lady, who I reciprocate the affection. Other great friends here are among them Orlando-2002, Lara12anos, boxingglovehands, MysticChaosEmeralds, DW13-COMICS and befree2209. I am here to promote my art above all, leave comments on deviations and fave others, among other things. Learn a little more about me:
STAR SIGN: Capricorn (Chinese: Snake)
WHERE I WOULD NEVER GO IN BRAZIL: Rio de Janeiro. There is very violent... :(
COUNTRY(IES) THAT I WOULD GO: A number above the equator, such as Europe, USA and Japan.
COUNTRIES WHERE WOULD I NEVER GO: Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East. They are the most dangerous places in the world.
CONSUMER DREAM: Be very rich!
PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE: In 2017 or 2018 I plan to make more drawings and show them for design agencies, thus beginning a career as a drawer.
SONGS THAT I LOVE:Dance music, love songs and others that animate me.
SONGS THAT HATE: Metal, funk (Brazilian), forró, "sertanejo universitário" and other musical styles of questionable taste.
CURIOSITY: Since 2004 I've been buying CDs of various styles without interruption. I currently have nearly 300 CDs!!! :nod:
WHO IS TECHNO99-DAVID: Just another inhabitant of this nation called DeviantArt, and very proud of it! :deviantart:

:bulletblack: I will miss you a lot... :'(
RoninHunt0987 (a great friend I had, I'll miss...)
Vandewater1983 (victim of art steal. He had still life here, but all it gone now)
Jseland1993 (I don't know at right why do he left)
AuroraSuceava (ZetaSuceava and Amy-TDY will miss you too)
Briettathesnowleopar (Brietta... again?!)
ZanderMightyHero9999 (you got your troubles, but it was useless deactivating)
NexusTheDarklord (please, come back to DeviantArt... :()

Some great friends of mine here in dA:


Other good friends here:


And all my other friends and watchers in general!

What do I do on DeviantART:
:bulletgreen: Add cool deviations to my favorites
:bulletgreen: Comment on various deviations
:bulletgreen: Give llamas (sometimes even without receiving :giggle: )
:bulletgreen: Talk to my friends
:bulletgreen: To add to my +deviantWATCH who adds me
:bulletgreen: Expose my deviations

What do I NOT do on DeviantART:
:bulletred: Mature Content (less for one time once I submitted a license plate wrote "HIV")
:bulletred: The called "bases" for drawing (dA can interpret as mature content, nudity or even pedophilia! :no: )
:bulletred: Art Theft (NEVER steal deviations, it is a crime here!)
:bulletred: Bullying and spam
:bulletred: I'm involved with haters (I can be banned from dA because of it)
:bulletred: Use slang lingo (depending of the user, but here's difficult)
:bulletred: Speaking badly of anyone who is. If that person was wrong, it will pay for their mistakes, sooner or later.

Remember that:…

This is me, incurable lover of electronic music and drawing. Feel free to comment, favorite deviations, etc.. Oh, and know my YouTube's channel too, the Sigue Sigue SPUTNIKk (the link is below).

And stamps, MANY STAMPS!

Little stamp things stamp by deviantStamps


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Electronic Dance Music Forever!!!

Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman Trance Stamp by rustyrayz I love techno stamp by ewotion Rave On, stamp by JazzaX techNO FOREVER stamp by DeviantSith I support Techno by Kavel-WB Techno Stamp by artFETISH House Music Stamp by Wearwolfaa HardStyle: Stamp by JazzaX EDM Stamp by Twilight-Kiyoko Electronic Music Stamp by Spikytastic Electronic Music Stamp by xXCougarXx I luv Bass Stamp by I-am-Draycos Equalizer V2 Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx EDM Stamp by MB133 EDM by RebelMyth Remix by RebelMyth

My gender

I'm Bisexual and Proud stamp by Twilight-Witch Bisexual and proud stamp by trinitylast Let there be peace by WoolNoon Can't Believe I Gotta Say This by NummyPixels

Not going negative here

Mature Content? by EmeraldTokyo [STAMP] Mature Content by Emfen Immature Content Stamp by Raine-de-Mer Anti Bullying Stamp by Morgan-the-Rabbit Troll Stamp. by VaselineCats Anti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344 Hate Art is Immature by alaska-is-a-husky Rape Isn't Funny by alaska-is-a-husky It's Not a Joke Stamp by Spikytastic Cursing Stamp by lady-warrior Cursing Stamp by Bearkata Colorful Stamp by TheRoyalDonkey

Sites for increases my art here:

Very cool comic pages:

Techno99-David: proud to be deviant. DeviantArt forever!!! 8-)

Seek for me here too in my blog:


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Amigos de David no Brasil (Friends of David in Brazil)
David, Paulistinha, Aderbal, Cícero e Matias são o quinteto de amigos do Brasil que irão estrelar estórias 100% nacionais no DeviantArt.
Cada deviation por 10 :points:

Paulistinha, 7 anos, foi criado por Waldyr Igayara de Souza em 1980 para um álbum ilustrado e, hoje, 37 anos depois, ele veio para ser amigo de David (veja como eles se dão bem no futebol!) no Brasil e em São Paulo, cidade que o menino não troca por lugar nenhum mais do mundo.
Cícero, 10 anos, é de Campinas e um menino alegre e animado que vai adorar ser amigo de David e da vida urbana, uma vez acostumado à roça (embora Campinas seja uma cidade mais urbana).
Matias, 8 anos, veio do Rio de Janeiro e promete ser outro grande companheiro de aventuras da turma!

David, Paulistinha, Aderbal, Cicero and Matias are the quintet of friends from Brazil who will star 100% Brazilian stories in DeviantArt.
Each deviation by 10 :points:

Paulistinha, 7, was created in 1980 for an illustrated album and today, 37 years later, he came to be friends with David (see how well they do in football!) in Brazil and in São Paulo, city that the boy doesn't trade anywhere else in the world.
Cicero, 10, is a peasant and a cheerful and lively boy who will love being a friend of David and urban life, once accustomed to the countryside.
Matias, 8, came from Rio de Janeiro and promises to be another great adventure companion in the gang!
Aderbal Nava
ADERBAL NAVA, 11 ANOS, é um grande amigo e companheiro de David Mendes. Morador do Pari, é um menino de classe média baixa, mas sempre alegre e despreocupado. Sua única preocupação é se alguém será ou não seu amigo.
 Está quase sempre com os pés descalços, só usando tênis em ocasiões especiais.

Todas as deviations estão por 20 :points: cada.

ADERBAL NAVA, 11 YEARS OLD, is a close friend and companion to David Mendes. Resident of a humble neighborhood, is a boy of middle class low, but always cheerful and carefree. His only concern is whether or not someone will be his friend.
  He is almost always barefoot, only wearing sneakers on special occasions.

All deviations are by 20 :points: each.
RikouRikou Chan aka Smarty Time
A 5 year old boy who never stops studying! 90% of the time he uses to study, 9% for homework (in the other 1%, he eats and joys, watching TV or listening to the radio).

Every deviation 10 :points:.
David Ninja vs. Karate Yuri
David Ninja, 8 years old; solved that he had to fight Karate Yuri, of 6. But they found out that what they should really be are great friends and, after each one has learned his lesson, now they are best friends and you too can have that great friendship with you in the your profile!

David Ninja vs. Karate Yuri (project) 10 :points:
David Ninja and Karate Yuri: greates friends now! 20 :points:
David Ninja and the lesson he learned 20 :points:
Karate Yuri and the lesson he learned 20 :points:
The final battle: ENDLESS FRIENDSHIP 20 :points:
He's a cheerful, lively and very intelligent 7-year-old boy. Based on the avatar of the deviant MysticChaosEmeralds. Each deviation by 10 :points:.


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