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Few handmade deviations can be as beautiful as this work we see here, which seem to be several branches or even a small tree without a ...

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I have so much more here:…

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Amazing deviations I loved to collect! :+favlove:

Journal History


La Pasta
David and his friends goes to dAland's restaurant and find a new boy being bullied. What's going to happen? See below!

[1] David takes Yuri from horseback through one of dAland's gardens. The two are very smiling and cheerful.
DAVID: I wanted to run with you, but you're too big!
YURI: I'm not big, I'm 6 years old, I'm already a man!
DAVID: I know... a little man.

[2] It cames their friends. Patamon accompanies TK.
DAVID: Hello, everyone! How are you?
DENNIS: Yuri, my buddy! :huggle:
YURI: What a joy to see you, mate! :huggle:
SOPHIE: I saw Yuri and you playing in the distance...
DAVID: I know! We really are very friends.
TK: Guys, I want to invite you all to come and have lunch with me.

[3] Everyone gets very excited and euphoric right away.
TK: Let's go to dAland's restaurant, gang!
PATAMON: Goddammit, TK!!!!
DAVID: The food is delicious, Takeru.
SOPHIE: And what are we waiting for? Let's go there now.

[4] The facade of dAland's Place, the such restaurant.

[5] Are sit Dennis, Sophie and TK. Dennis wanna eat more chicken and TK is taking a temaki.
DENNIS: I want more fried chicken, Sophie.
SOPHIE: (putting her hand in front of Dennis' hand) No, sir; have you eaten too much chicken.
DENNIS: But I want more...
TK: You better eat more vegetables, Dennis.

[6] In other table, however, there's a boy annoyed with one of the waiters of the dAland's Place.
But in other table...
BOY: Non, lasciami in pace! (No, leave me alone!)
WAITER: I'm just making some suggestions, you don't have to treat me like that.
BOY: I already said that I don't want pasta or lasagna!

[7] Are David, Dennis (stroked by Sophie) and TK (with Patamon landed on his head) watching the scene.
TK: Why do that waiter's treating the customer like that?
DENNIS: Gee, I didn't know that the waiters were like this with people here.
DAVID: Nothing like that! The waiters at this restaurant are all courteous. There's something wrong in the air.

[8] Patamon wants to go and defend the boy, but it's safe for TK. David takes over.
PATAMON: Leave him with me, TK...
TK: No, you won't! Come back here!
DAVID: Not really. I want to go talk to this guy.

[9] The Italian boy continues to be pestered by the waiter.
BOY: I don't want lasagna!
WAITER: It's because I realized that you are Italian, so I already imagine what you like.
BOY: Not all Italians eat pasta! The name of this is...

[10] David arrives, in defense of the boy, wanting to make satisfactions with the waiter.
DAVID: ...stereotype. Why are you disturbing this boy?
WAITER: It's that he's Italian and I'm making a suggestion for him.
DAVID: And you're new here?
WAITER: Yes, I've been here for 1 week in the restaurant.
DAVID: I want to talk to the manager, please.

[11] But the manager arrives suddenly, by coincidence.
MANAGER: Yeah, what's going on here?
DAVID: This guy is disturbing the client.
BOY: He thinks I have to eat pasta because I'm Italian.
WAITER: I can explain...
MANAGER: Yes, you will...

[12] The waiter is dismissed by his superior in front of the children, who applaud the attitude.
MANAGER: ...for your new boss. Go away! Out of here!

[13] After savoring the food from dAland's Place, everyone is happy, and David and TK talk about the bullying that the lil' Italian has suffered.
A few minutes after...
TK: I really liked that man's attitude.
DAVID: That's right. It's not right to label people. Just because the boy is Italian, doesn't mean that...
?: Hey...

[14] It's the boy of restaurant. Yuri, Dennis and David appear, who are surprised to see him in front of them.
DAVID: Oops! Aren't you the boy in the restaurant?
BOY: Yes. My name is Nicola Giusberti, but everyone here calls me Nico.
YURI: And what do you want?
NICO: I mean, I really liked the way you guys defended me against that biased guy in dAland's Burger. Grazie!
DENNIS: What did he said?

[15] Nico goes meeting his new friends better. Each one comes at once.
NICO: I meant thank you in Italian. Who are you?
DENNIS: My name is Dennis...
SOPHIE: ...and I'm Sophie.
TK: I'm Takeru, but you can call me TK. (pointing to the top) And he's the Patamon.
DAVID: (playing with Yuri, what is crouching) I'm David. It'll be our pleasure to have you as our new friend.
YURI: My name is Yuri, and I'm 6 years old. (showing too with his fingers)

[16] Nico is surprised that Yuri is barefoot while everyone else wears shoes.
NICO: Hey, Yuri? All your friends are wearing sneakers and you're barefoot? :confused:
DAVID: He's always been this way in his life, Nico.
YURI: I don't wear not even punctured socks!

[17] Everyone is present, except David. TK introduces the new friend in the group, who blushes.
TK: Let's greet our new friend, guys!
Everyone shouts of joy.

[18] David arrives, suddenly, announcing something very good to his friends.
DAVID: Everyone! I need to show you something super cool!

[19] They are all delighted to see that David finally got the Fella Plush, which was his biggest object of desire in 2016.
YURI: You got Fella Plush!
TK: Finally, David; congratulations! But how did you get it?
DAVID: (he is holding his Fella Plush by the paws) Remember that Fella Plush I saw in the store and what I wanted to buy at Christmas but I didn't have points enough? (it happened in Wishingmas)
SOPHIE: (holding Dennis right her shoulder) Did you buy it in the settlement?
DAVID: Yeah. The price has dropped to only 600 points!!!

[20] All the children and Patamon shout for joy at the end.

A very nice gift for:
:iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party)
fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:
and all my other friends and watchers as well!!!

I'm sorry for BladyDB for not making Dylan and Reufy 10 yesterday. When I'll enter online tonight, I'll do.
Otherwise, I was deleting failed content, and I'll be offline in more or less a half hour.

Nico already was shown in dA once, but as a random character. My 2 next comics in dA will premier new characters too. Keep on watchin' me!
O bom de bola
:heart: Another gift for my watchers!!! :heart:

MAN 1: 233, 234, 235, 236... geeeeeez!!!
MAN 2: This boy's really a craic! See that, the intimacy of him with the ball, what never fals!
MAN 1: I never imagined what Terê, a former street boy, was so able this way on soccer! He will be a soccer of great success!
MAN 2: Terê, #10 Shirt!
TERÊ: Oh gee, I'm really good ball!
E todos os meus outros grandes amigos/And all my other great friends!/¡Y todos mis otros amigos!


Descrição: Tonico está sem camisa, descalço, com uma bermuda cargo, um colar e relógio de pulso. Há a mangueira enrolada em suas duas mãos e espuma em seu cabelo. Atrás do menino há o balde com a esponja flutuando e o carro ensaboado. O menino está feliz e tranquilo.
Texto: Domingo. Um garotinho de 7 anos da 1ª série resolveu ajudar o pai a lavar o carro e até se vestiu como o pai, tal qual, para a missão. No entanto, Tonico se atrapalhou todo com a mangueira e ficou com as mãos presas nela! Mas a alegria e o bom humor de pai e filho eram tamanhos que isso nem foi problema. Pelo contrário: o menino foi fotografado desse jeito mesmo. Fofinho!

Description: Tonico is shirtless, barefoot, wearing a cargo shorts, a collar and wrist watch. There is the hose wrapped around his two hands and foam in his hair. Behind the boy is the bucket with the sponge floating and the car soapy. The boy is happy and calm.
Text: Sunday. A 7-year-old boy from the first grade decided to help his father washing the car and even dressed like his father, just like that, for the mission. However, Tonico fumbled with the hose and got his hands on it! But the joy and good humor of father and son were such that this was no problem. On the contrary: the boy was photographed that way. Cute!

Descripción: Tonico está sin camisa, descalzo, con un bermudas de cargo, un collar y reloj. Hay una manguera enrollada en sus dos manos y espuma en el pelo. Detrás del niño hay la cubeta de con una esponja flotante y el coche jabonoso. El niño es feliz y tranquilo.
Texto: Domingo. Un niño de 7 años de la 1ª serie decidió ayudar a su padre a lavar el coche e incluso vestido como su padre, al igual que, para la misión. Sin embargo, Tonico a tientas con la manguera y ¡se quedó con las manos clavadas en ella! Pero la alegría y el buen humor de padre e hijo eran de un tamaño que no era un problema. Por el contrario: el niño fue fotografiado a sí mismo de esa manera. ¡Mimoso!
My collection of Dinkies
Four exemplaries of Dinkies:

From the left top, in "Z" sense: my white Dinkie Dino, my yellow Smarty Time, a yellow RakuRaku DinoKun and a teal RakuRaku DinoKun.
Smarty Time in the jail
Never allow this to your RikouRikou Chan/Smarty Time, if you have one.
Dedicated to k1234567890y and others as well.
Just another view
I took this amazing pic when I goes for took a new document.
Basil elementary student
For all my watchers and friends, kindly. :heart:
fella Gift (Party):iconbigheartplz:fella Gift (Party)

Basil (don't confuse to Basile from Crocosansk) is a little and very charming boy, wearing a very nice school uniform, and with two robot snakes in his hands. I found a drawing on a magazine and then I wanted to redraw in my own style. Perfect result! :blowkiss:

Creaciones-Jean GLO-HE boxingglovehands Kawaii-Artistic DW13-COMICS 10-dave1 and all others as well.
I'm honestly proud of this deviation. :aww:
Ain't it funny
OK, I don't submit mature content to dA, that's true, and this is my 1st deviation with filter (and maybe the last too).
Now you understand why do that episode of South Park, Jared Has Aides was censored, no?
Levi Bartlett (enhanced)
The OC of :iconcelcolevi01: in an enhanced version of my 2016's drawings.
I'll submit more stuff in instants.
Starting to delete some deviations...

...but don't you worry: I'll follow with my deviant life. ;)
AdBlock is not working anymore in DeviantArt,
blocking ads!!! :pissedoff:

WHAT DA F???!!!
Cicero by Techno99-David
Matias, 8 anos (Rio de Janeiro) by Techno99-David
Estes dois adoráveis personagens fazem parte de projetos futuros envolvendo meu OC-mor David Mendes. Já existindo Aderbal e Paulistinha, juntarão-se aos meninos às deviations brasileiras o camponês Cícero, 10 anos, e o carioca Matias, 8 anos. Eles são ótimos amigos e prometem muita diversão e farra juntamente a este quinteto de alegres meninos. Veja, a seguir, maiores informações sobre estes meninos:


Nome: Cícero Dias
Idade: 10 anos
Escolaridade: 4ª série
Onde mora: Campinas, interior de São Paulo
Aparência: Cícero é loiro, cabelo liso e tem olhos castanho-escuros. Usa um chapéu de palha, uma camisa vermelha e calças marrom-escuras e também está sempre descalço, assemelhando-se a Aderbal nesse caso, também só usando calçados em ocasiões muito especias.
Personalidade: Cícero é um menino que adora a vida no campo (embora Campinas seja uma cidade mais urbana e menos rural), brincar no riacho e comer bolo de milho como toda criança camponesa. Ele é um menino alegre, sempre de bom humor e tranquilo, filho de pai caminhoneiro e mãe tecelã. Uma criança que adora receber sempre os amigos e se divertir, sempre!


Nome: Matias Nader
Idade: 8 anos
Escolaridade: 2ª série no Rio, 3ª série no Brasil (São Paulo) e em DeviantArtland (dAland)
Aparência: Matias é ruivo, cabelo espetado e com os olhos verdes. Usa uma camiseta toda estampada em tons de verde, relógio cinza, bermuda vermelho-escura e chinelos nas cores verde e amarela.
Personalidade: Matias nasceu na Barra da Tijuca, mas vive desde os 5 anos em São Paulo devido aos altos índices de violência do Rio. Se, por um lado Matias saiu do Rio, o Rio não saiu dele; o que se reflete em seu visual, sempre de chinelo e excelente humor (dificilmente ele se destempera) e pelo modo de falar também. Viverá entre São Paulo, no Brasil; e dAland, e conhecerá tanto os amigos brasileiros de David quanto os estrangeiros, obtendo simpatia imediata.

Eles com certeza irão encantar a todos aqui. Porém, devo comunicar que devido a grande quantidade de trabalhos, tanto digitais quanto manuais pendentes, não farei deviations com Cícero e Matias tão logo. Mas certamente não me esquecerei do que tenho a fazer.

These two adorable characters are part of future projects involving my OC-mor David Mendes. Already existing Aderbal and Paulistinha, the peasant Cícero, 10 years old, and the carioca Matias, 8 years old, will join the boys to the Brazilian deviations. They are great friends and promise a lot of fun and spree together with this quintet of cheerful boys. See below for more information on these boys:


Name: Cícero Dias
Age: 10 years old
Schooling: 4th grade
Residence: Campinas, interior of São Paulo
Appearance: Cícero is blonde, straight hair and has dark brown eyes. He wears a straw hat, a red shirt and dark brown pants, and is also always barefoot, resembling Aderbal in this case, also only wearing shoes on very special occasions.
Personality: Cicero is a boy who loves the country life (although Campinas is a more urban and less rural town), playing in the creek and eating corn cake like every peasant child. He is a cheerful boy, always in a good mood and calm, son of a trucker father and mother weaver. A child who loves to always receive friends and have fun, always!


Name: Matias Nader
Age: 8 years
Schooling: 2nd grade in Rio, 3rd grade in Brazil (São Paulo) and DeviantArtland (dAland)
Appearance: Matias is redheaded, with spiky hair and green eyes. He wears a t-shirt all printed in shades of green, gray watch, dark red shorts and slippers in green and yellow.
Personality: Matias was born in Barra da Tijuca, but has lived since the age of five in São Paulo due to the high levels of violence in Rio. If, on the one hand, Matias left Rio, Rio didn't leave him; which is reflected in his look, always slippery and excellent humor (hardly he fades) and the way of speaking as well. He will live between São Paulo, Brazil; and dAland, and will meet both Brazilian friends of David and foreigners, getting immediate sympathy.

They are sure to delight everyone here. However, I must report that due to the large amount of works, both digital and handmade outstanding, I won't do deviations with Cicero and Matias as soon as possible. But I certainly will not forget what I have to do.
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One day, sooner or later, I'll get one of this:
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Who I am

I joined originally to DeviantART on February 21st, 2015 as FortyTwoPower, and here came out in February in this year. I returned on the 18thof June as AskIlha-Ra-Tim-Bum, but it wasn't working very well because of the type of deviations that I has submitted. I closed this account on August 9th 2016, and in the same day, here I am again! Having left the DeviantART at the time was one of the worst mistakes I made, and now yes I can consider dA as a second home. I lost a lot of deviations and friends, but then it has matured me, because as the saying goes: "what doesn't kill you strengthens you."
 I like to draw, either with pencil and paper, either in MS Paint, I love electronic music and other genres too, am a spendthrift person, those who spend money like there is no tomorrow. This new profile is definitive and, even if I get the Core Membership one day, doesn't occur to me to change my name. Just my avatar, thing what I want to do only annually. I love people to comment, givin' me llamas, watch and especially points, as in the future, I can hold my golden dream: turn Core.
 My best friend here is Creaciones-Jean Mendoza, a kind and friendly Venezuelan lady, who I reciprocate the affection. Other great friends here are among them Orlando-2002, Lara12anos, boxingglovehands, MysticChaosEmeralds, DW13-COMICS and befree2209. I am here to promote my art above all, leave comments on deviations and fave others, among other things. Learn a little more about me:
STAR SIGN: Capricorn (Chinese: Snake)
WHERE I WOULD NEVER GO IN BRAZIL: Rio de Janeiro. There is very violent... :(
COUNTRY(IES) THAT I WOULD GO: A number above the equator, such as Europe, USA and Japan.
COUNTRIES WHERE WOULD I NEVER GO: Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East. They are the most dangerous places in the world.
CONSUMER DREAM: Be very rich!
PROJECTS FOR THE FUTURE: In 2017 I plan to make more drawings and show them for design agencies, thus beginning a career as a drawer.
SONGS THAT I LOVE:Dance music, love songs and others that animate me.
SONGS THAT HATE: Metal, funk (Brazilian), forró, "sertanejo" and other musical styles of questionable taste.
CURIOSITY: Since 2004 I've been buying CDs of various styles without interruption. I currently have nearly 300 CDs!!! :nod:
WHO IS TECHNO99-DAVID: Just another inhabitant of this nation called DeviantART, and very proud of it! :deviantart:

:bulletblack: I will miss you a lot... :'(

Some great friends of mine here in dA:


Other good friends here:


And all my other friends and watchers in general!

What do I do on DeviantART:
:bulletgreen: Add cool deviations to my favorites
:bulletgreen: Comment on deviations
:bulletgreen: Give llamas (sometimes even without receiving :giggle: )
:bulletgreen: Talk to my friends
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What do I NOT do on DeviantART:
:bulletred: Mature Content
:bulletred: The called "bases" for drawing (dA can interpret as mature content, nudity or even pedophilia! :no: )
:bulletred: Art Theft (NEVER steal deviations, it is a crime here!)
:bulletred: Bullying and spam
:bulletred: I'm involved with haters (I can be banned from dA because of it)
:bulletred: Use slang lingo
:bulletred: Speaking badly of anyone who is. If that person was wrong, it will pay for their mistakes, sooner or later.

Remember that:…

This is me, incurable lover of electronic music and drawing. Feel free to comment, favorite deviations, etc.. Oh, and know my YouTube's channel too, the Sigue Sigue Sputnik (the link is below).

And stamps, MANY STAMPS!

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Awesome boys I loved drawing!!! ^^ (part 1 of 2)
He's seven years old and he's very handsome and cutie!!! :D
Wears a yellow helmet, a white shirt, a dark blue gardener and haves a belt with tools.
Accessories: ear protectors, watch, safety glasses and his hands are trapped and Felipe steps too a metallic and sharp floor, barefoot. 10 :points:

Based on a real Brazilian fencer, he's 12 and is very handsome too! Wears a violet and lilac T-shirt, a yellow and orange shorts, watch and he's barefoot and with the hands trapped in handcuffs reminding at fencing's swords. 20 :points:

"I see dead people"... Cole, aged 9, wears a pyjama similar of the antologic scene. There's various ghosts behind the boy, two of them taking his hands. 50 :points:

Age: 8 | Cuteness: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite:
Wearing a fedora, sunglasses, a black tie, a gray shirt, watch and jeans. 30 :points:

He's so cute that no comments.... :love: 40 :points:

Two Japanese characters from Nintendo and Digimon. Stanley is an younger bugman and Tsunomon is the second Gabumon's stage. 60 :points:
Awesome boys I loved drawing!!! ^^ (part 2 of 2)
Oh, no! Neco was abducted and now an alien gots him! Well, you can save Neco for 20 :points:

Based on a real Brazilian little actor. 10 :points:

20 :points:
His avatar: :iconkevinbolk: is as cute as the drawing.
He deserves points, but is you who needs to give 'em to me. 50 :points:
Based on a Brazilian youtuber. Click here for access his channel.
He's 15, but not in the drawing, in which Felipe is 7 to 8 (:aww: ). Felipe is being domained to a robot and he's a bit blushed too. Cuddly, not? By 40 :points:
In The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, Kyle Catlett has other dream besides earn an award: earning points from you. 70 :points:
David Mendes
DAVID NINJA 2: :ninja: 30 :points:
WITH THIS GUY: :iconguilhermedesenhista: 30 :points:
SHIPPING: DAVIZA OR LIZAVID (:iconkawaii-artistic: ) 10 :points:
Yuri Wayne
Every deviation for 20 :points:

It's presents Yuri as he are. In "Yurice", is shown that Yuri refuses footwear even in the extreme Antarctica's cold :snowflake: and Yuri's Hair... don't cuddly his hair, if you're capable of! ;P :aww:


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Thank you for the fave!
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You're welcome.
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our friendship will last forever. :cuddle:
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I know right! :cuddle:
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I just want to say thank you for being there for me,
youre a great freind and I appreciate thisHug 
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olá minha amiga lara12anos sugeriu eu falar com vc.
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Eu passei no seu perfil pelo smartphone e vi que vocês duas têm o mesmo nome.

Quero só saber uma coisinha:
você é mesmo outra pessoa ou é a Lara12anos com uma nova conta?
goodflypikachu Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
sou outra pessoa pq se ela tem 0 12anos no nome dela não sou eu
tenho 10 anos
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Ela na verdade tem 15 anos. Mas obrigado por me esclarecer tudo.
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